Born from the 19th Century American West, Cowboy mythology embodies the archetypical hero's journey: tales of a reluctant frontier warrior who, despite the odds, heeds the call to carve his future from the land with bare, callused hands.
He is romanticized and idealized by those who crave freedom but are unable or unwilling to undertake the fierce struggle required to secure it.
The Wild West has vanished but Cowboys persist in the chaos streets, opulent penthouses, and rural outback of America. Today's Cowboys still lives close to the ground, clawing at the edge of civilization, evoking an ancient spirit that connects us to a shared past and possibilities for the future.

There Will Be Blood, Napa County

The Silver Cowboy, Times Square

Master of Ceremonies, Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

The Bather

Sumo Titans


California Republic

Nashville Zach 

Lee Fields and the Expressions

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