These images were taken along San Francisco's storied coastline - from Ocean Beach and the Presidio cliffs, through the passage beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, and along the notorious "Barbary Coast" to Fisherman's Wharf.
I started shooting this project in 2016, when I worked in an office near the Hyde Street Pier. Work moved to the home office during 2020's "Grand Pause" brought on by a global pandemic. We started taking long walks along the coast after sheltering in isolation all day. It seemed important to feel blood buzz through our bodies, to tune in and listen carefully to the new kind of quiet enveloping the Golden Gate. 

Fleet of historic ships at Hyde Street Pier (inspired by JMW Turner)

Dredging barge in the San Francisco Bay

Rainbow crashing through an opening in the sky over downtown San Francisco

Sailing into port at Yacht Harbor before the storm 

Moon over San Pablo Bay, China Camp

Relics of Ocean Beach: Coin-operated binocular viewer #1342, The Tower Optical Company

Moon over Alcatraz and the dome of the Palace of Fine Arts

Relics of Ocean Beach: the Cliff House restaurant

Relics of Ocean Beach: the Dutch Windmill

Ocean Beach

Marie descends the sand ladder at Baker Beach

The Engagement, Baker Beach

The Visitors, Rodeo Beach

SF Noir: The Golden Gate Bridge

Last light, Ocean Beach

Will you wait for me?,  Mile Rock Beach

Immigrant Point Overlook

Corona Times: temporary experiential art at Ocean Beach

Land's End Trail

Container ship heading out to sea, Marshall's Beach

Grounds of the Legion of Honor Museum 

Corona Times: With humans sheltering in place during the pandemic lockdown, coyotes reclaimed their territory along Land's End 

Corona Times: Me and my shadow (isolation)

Golden Hour

SF Noir: wartime relics at Fort Mason's Black Point

Fishers of Men

Man Overboard, Baker Beach

Shipwreck of the "Lucky Lady," Baker Beach

Lea braves the storm beneath her umbrella, Baker Beach

China Camp, Marin County

The California Hornblower

SF Noir: Moon over the Cliff House and Ocean Beach

SF Noir: Readying the escape from Alcatraz

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

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